Purpose gives comfort, peace and security. Knowing one’s purpose in life guides each step you take in life. It guarantees and assures the individual of a successful lifetime on earth.

What is life if you do not have anything to live for? As an individual, it is crucial to have a reason and motivation that drives you each day. This motivation must awaken your spirit to the duty or responsibility you have to make a difference and touch other lifes. Your purpose in life gives you a vision which you must strive relentlessly to achieve and transform this vision to be a reality. Keep the passion alive by letting your actions determine your results.


Cast fear out of your mind and learn to have mastery over certain challenges that may hinder your purpose in life. Know that challenges help pave way to the top. This unique mind set determines your course and actions and also informs the result you produce. A purpose driven life does not make room for excuses but instead strives for progress and positive results.

Therefore learn to live a life full of veracity, passion, dedication and determination.

Images: boomsomu.com


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