Education and child welfare

Compassion International believes that education plays a vital role in the cognitive development of the child. Through education, the child can gradually learn and unlearn things which will enhance his understanding of complex things.

In light of this, Compassion offers these children an opportunity to harness and use their intelligence. Hence aiding them to attain some level of educational freedom and at least fit into the society at large.

Children(Beneficiaries) in compassion’s Program are more likely ;

I. To stay in school longer

2. To hold salaried, have a suitable job

3. Become leaders in their churches and communities

4. To finish secondary education and complete a university education.

In doing this, Compassion offers scholarships or helps in the payment of tuition fees for the child and ensures that the child has access to quality education.

Beyond this, Compassion does not concentrate only on the child but also the family. Some level of support is also given to the nuclear family of this child.

Compassion ensures that the family has basic welfare needs such as food, shelter, clothing and portable water available for use. This in turn provides a conducive environment for the holistic development of the child. More so the family is greatly involved in the care and support of the child so as to maximize effective impact to the child.

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